3 Disadvantages of Explainer Videos

Companies choose to make explainer videos for their products and services because they come with numerous advantages. They can explain their businesses, help prop up their SEO campaigns, enrich their landing pages, and ramp up their sales. However, creating explainer videos for each web page does not work for every situation. In some occasions, it goes south. That said, these are the reasons why explainer videos may not be ideal:

1.Explainer videos are not suited for all industries

Many articles and bog posts purport that explainer videos can be leveraged for anything. The truth is, they have presented different outcomes in different industries. Still, other people purport that explainer videos are well-suited for boring industries, as they tend to inject life into them. An example of an industry that explainer videos may not bring the best outcome is apparel. While people want to see how the dress looks, they would rather see it for real and try it out before buying. They won’t rely on video. They may look at the photos of the clothing, and then, head out to the physical store to try it out and if it fits, they buy it.

2.Explainer videos may not appeal to all clients

While the popularity of video is evident by the number of views out there, not everyone likes to watch them. Some people actually prefer reading a comprehensive product description to get a complete insight into the product. Still, some clients will not click on your explainer videos, or even if you make them autoplay, they won’t watch them. They’d rather visit your about page to look at your testimonials and track record in the delivery of those products and services. They would rather also read other customers’ reviews about your product or service offerings.

3.Some clients may see creation of many explainer videos as overdoing

Theoretically, explainer videos are intended to explain a product or service offered by a company or business. But clients can think that your company is a startup, so you’re trying to create more videos to get it off the ground. They are savvy enough, and they know that reputable companies don’t have to make a lot of explainer videos to sell their products and services. Also, not having a lot of explainer videos means that you are established enough, and you are making profits without marketing your products and services.


So you can easily see why explainer videos might not cut it in every industry. Therefore, before you indulge in making explainer videos, keeps these aspects in mind. Always implement what you know will work for your business.

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