The Benefits of Embedding Explainer Videos on Your Landing Page

Any smart online business owner must have an explainer video on their landing page in 2018. Explainer videos establish a strong bond with your site visitors and boost your conversion rate. But why do experts recommend that you embed explainer videos on your website’s landing page. Read on for the answers:

Explainer videos on your landing page can boost your search engine rankings

Explainer videos are designed in such a way that they not only engage site visitors into taking action, but also cause them to stay on your website for much longer. As visitors watch your videos, they get glued to it, and they can watch it over and over if it’s captivating. And because dwell time is one of the metrics search engines use to rank websites, your website search engine rankings will increase if visitors stay longer on your web pages.

Explainer videos can make your landing page valuable

There is a ton of options if you want to make your landing page pop. However, explainer videos offer a unique element to it. They provide in-depth insights into the products and services you offer without taking up a lot of space. With texts, you’ll need to take a lot of space on your landing page to be able to comprehensively explain the products or services you offer. Let’s face it; explainer videos embedded on a landing page make it look more attractive than if it includes only texts.

Embedding explainer videos on your landing page is a sign of professionalism

In this day and age, shoppers are looking for the most professional website to buy products and services from. They know that a professional website almost always offers top-notch products and services. In fact, the presence of explainer videos on a landing page these days is construed as a sign of professionalism, and so, more prospective customers will buy from you.  On top of that, it increases your brand reputation.

Including explainer videos on your landing page can boost your sales

Reflecting on the points discussed above; it’s easy to see why explainer videos can boost your sales. Also, the fact that explainer videos include a call-to-action at the end means many customers will take action, especially if the video is captivating and offer value.


So, if you’re selling products or services online today, make sure to embed explainer videos on your landing page. It will go a long way towards ensuring that your brand grows quickly without spending a ton of money on advertising.

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