The Kinds of Companies That Can Benefit a Lot from Explainer Videos

While explainer videos on landing pages can propel a company to greater heights, not all of them need explainer videos. Some may not have the budget to make top-notch explainer videos. Still, some industries may not need explainer videos to thrive. That’s why we’ve given you a list of companies that can profit from explainer videos:

New startup companies need explainer videos than any other company

A new startup company has to use any means to come out of the startup phase quickly. One way a startup can do that easily is to use explainer videos. If explainer videos are captivating, engaging and help customers address their pain points, then the new startup can take off quickly.  But how does an explainer video help a new startup grow? The power of explainer video is such that it gives personality to an inanimate subject. Also, it helps grab prospective customers who could have skipped your content and headed to the competition.

Explainer videos are best for digital marketing companies

There are so many companies offering digital services today, and they are leveraging explainer videos to propel their brands. With digital companies, videos are not used to explain anything or to talk about a product. They are purposed to act as digital business cards. When you land on these companies’ homepage, and watch their videos, you can quickly decide if you want to engage with them or not.

Gaming companies need a lot of explainer videos

Gaming companies and digital companies have a lot in common. They depend heavily on visual content to convey their brand messages. On top of that, they have a library, active video production, and a YouTube channel. However, they have a different reason why they display explainer videos on their landing pages. Digital companies mainly display explainer videos to showcase their skills. Gaming companies, on the other hand, display these videos to showcase their products.

Explainer videos are great for companies with revolutionary products or services

Revolutionary products are typically new in the market, which means people don’t know how to use them yet. So embedding explainer video on their websites is the surefire way to show people how the products and services are used. The main aim of creating explainer videos for revolutionary products and services, though, is to create a buzz around them so that people can buy in record numbers.


However, like any other business, there is no surety that you will succeed with explainer videos on your landing pages. Success will always depend on the reputation, size, and history of your company.

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